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Launch of Cold Lab (Lab 2)

SA Geolab International (SA Geo) is proud to announce the setting up of a cold lab (Lab 2) to simulate  in-situ temperature of water for deep water soil investigation. The cold lab is equipped with the latest and most sophisticated equipment from GDS, UK for conducting strength and volume change soil tests under static and dynamic conditions such as triaxial and simple shear w/bender element, resonant column, ring shear for soil/steel interface and consolidation tests.


This is a major milestone in our continuing search to be the best we can be. Our quest to be the best (we are not there yet) include conducting simple shear test under saturated condition – yes the samples are saturated first before the consolidation or shearing can begin because we don’t believe in getting the pore pressure reading indirectly from a calculated value. We strongly feel that it should be taken from a measured value by reading the pore pressure directly – similar to triaxial tests.


Hence our quest to do things better include the setting up of the cold soil lab so that the data provided will be of the best possible quality. In our opinion it is farcical to adhere to the ASTM standard of storing the samples at 4°C but doing the strength and volume change tests at room temperature of about 26°C.


Check out the Lab 2 tab from the heading for more information on this.


We will continue to innovate…

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