Tuas Terminal Phase 1

(TTP1) Project

SA Geolab International has achieved another milestone with the award of a multi-million-dollar 6-year contract in June 2015 by DIAP-DAELIM Joint Venture Pte. Ltd. to set up a site lab to do testing on reclamation works for Tuas Terminal Phase 1 (TTP1). 

We have gone through the accreditation process and has been recommended for accreditation by the national accreditation body SINGLAS. In fact the assessors have been pleased with our state-of-the-art equipment and lab facilities which include proper controlled room temperature and humidity room plus the ability to conduct a complete range of laboratory soil tests. 

The lab facility has now been recommended to be upgraded to a branch lab. For this project, we deployed modular containers, 10 x 60 feet on both wings and a double 10 x 30 feet in the middle occupying a total area of more than 3,000 ft² (300 m²).

State-of-the-art Triaxial and Consolidation Tests

The lab comprises of 6 computer-controlled GDS Triaxial testing equipment capable of doing UU, CIU, CID compression and 2 computer controlled direct shear machines capable of doing shearbox and direct simple shear tests and CRS consolidation tests.

Left Wing – Extrusion, classification and index tests and humidity room

The left wing of the lab is for extrusion, classification and index tests as well as a humidity room for sample storage that registers more than 95% humidity.


The range of tests shall include moisture content and density, sieve and hydrometer, specific gravity, Atterberg limits, carbonate and organic tests.

Right Wing – Office, kitchenette, pantry and multi-purpose room

The right wing of the lab is dedicated for staff welfare, comprising of an office, kitchenette , pantry and a multi-purpose room.


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