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Advanced Lab Container 2 (ALC 2)

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SA Geolab International is proud to announce the setting up our first advance 20-ft reefer lab container that can operate at 4-26 deg. C. This will be our second portable advance lab. We are pioneering this approach and this portable advance lab can operate on a vessel or any onshore location in the world including remote outback areas.


The container is also equipped with an oven or any other add-on that is necessary for the lab testing including torvane, lab vane, fall cone etc. The oven though needs to be transferred on site to another container because it is not advisable to have an oven in a very low temperature lab.


The lab equipment shall include:

  • 2 GDS Static Triaxial Testing Systems

  • GDS Advanced Dynamic Triaxial Testing System

  • 1 GDS Automated Oedometer System

  • 1 GDSRSA Ring Shear Apparatus

  • 1 GDS Static Simple Shear Testing System

  • 1 GDS Dynamic Cyclic Simple Shear Device

  • 1 GDS Bender Element for DSS / Triaxial

We will continue to innovate…

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