Lab 1 (Normal Temperature)

In year 2000, SA Geolab International Pte Ltd moved to it’s current location at 61 Shun Li Industrial Park at Kaki Bukit.  The premises occupies a constructed area of 3,000 sq. feet approx. Here company operates it’s main lab.

Extrusion,  classification and index tests and humidity room

The main lab has dedicated space for extrusion, classification and index tests as well as a humidity room for sample storage that registers more than 95% humidity.


The range of tests include moisture content and density, sieve and hydrometer, specific gravity, Atterberg limits, carbonate and organic content tests.

Triaxial and Consolidation Standard Tests

The main lab equipment comprises 14 computer-controlled GDS Triaxial testing equipment capable of doing UU, CIU, CID compression tests for vertical mode of failure; 1 lab vane for torsional mode of failure, 2 direct shear machines for lateral mode of failure and oedometer consolidation tests. It is also equipped with Rowe cells  capable of doing horizontal and vertical drainage consolidation tests. The vertical drainage test is similar to Oedometer consolidation. SA Geolab International has re-designed this apparatus to accommodate higher vertical pressure up to 2MPa (currently the equipment available in market can measure up to 1MPa only).  It also has apparatus for direct shear tests.

Mechanical Sieve Analyses and Hydrometer Tests

The lab can perform Hydrometer and Sieve Analyses from 2 micron to 75 mm for soil and sand grains.


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205 Kaki Bukit Ave 1, Shun Li Industrial Park, Singapore 416037

 61 Kaki Bukit Ave 1, Shun Li Industrial Park, #04-05, Singapore 417943


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