Lab 2 (Cold Temperature)

SA Geolab International PL (SAGeo) is pleased to announce the provision of a soil lab that can operate from 4°C to normal room temperature. This temperature range gives SAGeo the capability to do soil testing at in-situ temperature for deep water soil investigation.

It is a known fact that the soil samples that are extracted from the seabed need to be stored in a reefer container at 4°C as stipulated in ASTM standard.

However what is not in the standard is that the testing is not specified at in-situ temperature for the simple fact that the industry is not up to it and hence not widely practiced.

Preliminary lab vane tests conducted on the same quart samples and the difference in undrained shear strengths between Lab 2 and Lab 1 room temperature of 26°C vary from 5-35% depending on the soil consistency.

It is still early days but more tests need to be conducted and comparisons made between the results from cold and normal temperature lab, the degree of difference can be documented more distinctly.

Lab 2 shall be equipped with the latest computer-controlled state-of-the-art lab equipment from GDS UK that shall include:

  • Static triaxial test machines: capable of doing UU, CIU, CAU, CK0U, CID, CAD CK0D compression and extension.                                                                                                               

  • Cyclic triaxial machines up to 5Hz frequency                                                

  • Static simple shear – saturated with PWP measurement                              

  • Cyclic simple shear -   saturated with PWP measurement                         

  • Automated oedometer system (AOS) capable of doing step loading or controlled strain loading to a maximum stress of 6.4MPa                                     

  • Bromhead ring shear test for soil/steel interface testing                           

  • Resonant column                       


The following list of equipment is not from GDS because they are not computer-controlled.

  • Lab vane c/w 1”x1” and ½”x ½” for very soft to very stiff soils                     

  • Swedish fall cone                                                                                   


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