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Laboratory Services

SA Geolab offers a full range of lab testing services that include classification, index, strength and volume change tests for soils and strength and density tests on rock.


The Quality Policy of SA Geolab International Pte Ltd is to provide its customers with soil testing laboratory services that meet their needs and expectations. For this purpose, the Company is committed to achieve the management standards which are based on quality, accuracy, timely test results and safe working practices for its own employees and clients.

SA Geolab laboratory is accredited by SAC (Singapore Accreditation Council) for a wide range of tests including, but not limited to; classification; effective stress; shearboxes; consolidation; total stress tests.

Routine Testing – Classification and Index Tests

  • Visual Classification & trimming of samples

  • Moisture Content / Density test 

  • Atterberg Limits 

  • Particle Size Distribution by Sieve and Hydrometer

  • Maximum and Minimum Density

  • Carbonate Content 

  • Specific Gravity

Strength Tests – Soil

  • Triaxial Test UU, CIU, CID, Saturated Unconsolidated Undrained Triaxial

  • Direct Shear 

  • Torvane 

  • Ring Shear 

  • Fall Cone 

  • Lab Vane 

Sample Trimming
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AL (Plastic Limit)
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AL (Liquid Limit)
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UU (Small)
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UU (Small 2)
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UU (Big)
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Rock Cutter
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Slake Durability
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Rock Tests

  • Compressive Strength

  • Point Load

  • Brazilian Tensile Strength

  • Slake Durability

Other Tests

  • Oedometer Test – consolidation and swelling tests

  • Electrical Resistivity (Wenner Probe Method)

  • In-situ  Apparent Resistvity

  • In-situ  Density

  • Triaxial Constant Head Permeability 

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