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About Us

Our History

SA Geolab International Pte Ltd (SA Geolab) was first set up in 1988 by Managing Director, Syed Ahmad as Geolab Services (GLS) in sole proprietorship. In 1993, GLS became a private limited company.Since its inception in 1988, GLS had grown to be a leading soil laboratory company in Southeast Asia. It was accredited in 1991 and was capable of doing a full range of soil lab testing services that include classification and index tests, strength tests, volume change tests and strength tests on rock.

Our Mission

The Company is committed to provide complete confidentiality, quality assurance, reliable timely delivery and integrity of services. The Company shall conduct its business in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. Compliance with the law does not comprise our entire ethical responsibility, rather, it defines our minimum, absolutely essential performance of our duties.

Our Vision

To be Asia’s leading soil testing laboratory and be recognized worldwide. It will entail that the company remains dynamic, ever adapting to the changing technological advances and fine tuning established procedures. It is also embarking on its own Research and Development with the aim to be pioneers in the industry.

Our ISO Accreditation

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