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Opening of Busan Lab

1 Jan 2024

Our newest and biggest lab yet, having opened in 2023 in Busan City, South Korea, it is equipped with a wide range of high-tech machinery capable of testing for shear strength and dynamic properties of soils.

We are pleased to announce that our new soil testing laboratory in Busan, South Korea, is now fully operational. The lab is equipped with a comprehensive range of advanced machines dedicated to testing shear strength and dynamic properties of soils. 
Our facility is home to 20 Triaxial Systems, allowing for precise and standardized tests such as UU, CU, CD, as well as advanced CAU and CK0 tests. Selected machines also offer the option to conduct Bender Element tests. Additionally, the versatility of our machines enables seamless conversion for conducting permeability tests and CRS. 
Moreover, we have invested in 8 AOS machines capable of conducting both standard triaxial tests and 1-D consolidation tests, ensuring comprehensive testing options for our clients. 
Our laboratory offers an array of specialized equipment for shear testing, including Static Simple Shear machines for DS and DSS tests, EMDCSS machines for CDSS tests, and IST machines for RS tests. Additionally, we have recently acquired an RCA machine designed to perform resonant and damping tests on soil specimens. 
What we have:
  • 20 Triaxial Systems capable of performing standard tests such as UU, CU and CD as well as advanced tests such as CAU and CK0, with the option to perform Bender Element tests on select machines. They are also able to be converted to perform other tests like permeability tests and CRS. 

  • 8 AOS machines capable of performing standard triaxial tests as well as 1-D consolidation tests.

  • Equipped with an SSS for DS and DSS tests, an EMDCSS machine for CDSS tests, and an IST for RS tests.

  • An RCA machine to perform resonant and damping tests on soil specimens.

As we continue to expand, our commitment is to furnish the lab with a full range of testing equipment, ensuring a comprehensive and reliable soil testing experience for our clients. Our team of skilled lab personnel is dedicated to providing top-tier service, meeting the stringent demands of our clients in the region. 

If you require professional soil testing services, we invite you to contact us today for more information. Our reputable lab is ready to assist you with your soil testing needs.

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