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Zamboanga Signing Ceremony

29 Dec 2023

The historic signing ceremony, held at the ZAMBOECOZONE Administration Building in Sitio San Ramon, Talisayan

We at SA Geolab International Pte Ltd extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone Authority and Freeport (ZAMBOECOZONE) for the warm welcome and the opportunity to collaborate on a venture of immense significance. The recent agreement, signed on December 29, 2023, signifies a shared commitment to economic growth and sustainability.

We are deeply committed to upholding the highest standards of quality and professionalism in every aspect of our collaboration. Together, we look forward to driving innovation and leaving a lasting legacy of progress and prosperity for Zamboanga City as well as the Philippines.

"In a strategic move set to elevate investor confidence and propel Zamboanga City’s economic trajectory, the Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone Authority and Freeport (ZAMBOECOZONE) inked a momentous agreement with SA Geolab International Pte Ltd, a Singaporean powerhouse in soil laboratory testing services, on 29 December 2023.

The historic signing ceremony, held at the ZAMBOECOZONE Administration Building in Sitio San Ramon, Talisayan, Zamboanga City, was spearheaded by Chairman and Administrator Mr. Raul M. Regondola, DBA. Representing SA Geolab International was Operations Manager for the Philippines Mr. Peter Max Roth symbolizing the company’s unwavering commitment to the partnership.

This landmark deal marks a pivotal step towards fortifying ZAMBOECOZONE’s infrastructure and guaranteeing the highest quality standards for both domestic and foreign land development projects. In his statement, Chairman Regondola expressed that this collaboration with SA Geolab reinforces ZAMBOECOZONE’s dedication to providing world-class services and facilities to investors. Their unparalleled expertise in soil testing will be instrumental in ensuring the integrity and sustainability of the projects not only in the Philippines but also across the globe, thereby attracting more businesses and generating employment opportunities for the people of Zamboanga.

SA Geolab, a prominent figure in Southeast Asia’s geotechnical testing landscape, brings a wealth of experience and cutting-edge technology to the table. Founded in 1988 by Managing Director Syed Ahmad, SA Geolab International Pte Ltd rose from Singapore’s Geolab Services (GLS) to become a leading soil laboratory in Southeast Asia. Accredited since 1991, they offer a comprehensive spectrum of testing services that include classification and index tests, strength tests, volume change tests, and strength tests on rock.

The ripple effects of this collaboration are expected to be far-reaching and profoundly positive for the local economy. The establishment of the new laboratory will translate into job creation for skilled professionals in Zamboanga City, while the enhanced soil testing capabilities will undoubtedly attract investors seeking a blend of high-quality infrastructure and stringent environmental standards."

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